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Our Christian ethos is
"Love and Respect"

Vision Statement

Providing outstanding teaching and enjoyable learning opportunities for every child in a nurturing community with a strong focus on spiritual and moral development in order for them to be able to make a difference in the world. We want our children to become responsible, active citizens who participate in democracy and public life with respect for diversity and a commitment to working towards greater community cohesion. Personal development is at the heart of our school which emphasises the difference between right and wrong and respects and tolerates differences in a very diverse and modern Britain.


Mission statement

As a learning community, we will set the foundations for all:

• to value themselves, each other and their environment

•to develop an understanding of a healthy lifestyle.

•to have a positive attitude, self-belief and self-worth

•to develop a sense of curiosity

•to develop team work skills for independence and interdependence


"Building Learning Power

At Meonstoke School we believe that everyone should:

  • Have confidence to have a go at all that life has to offer with an eagerness to take the next step
  • Know that they are valuable, and that others are too as they develop as an individual, with the capacity to operate as part of a group
  • Be thirsty for new knowledge, curious, inventive and have a spirit of discovery and have a sense of wonder for the world around them
  • Be tolerant and compassionate, polite and respectful and worthy of trust
  • Have an appreciation of fun and humour, with a love for outdoor activities and a deep appreciation of their environment.