Meonstoke CE Infant School

Nurture, Grow, Flourish

December 2020

Supporting Homeless Children and Families in Portsmouth—The Sixth Annual Toy Collection


For the last five years the children, families and staff of Meonstoke School have joined with the church community in collecting toys for children in very challenging lives to enable them to have gifts at Christmas.. Each year, I have been able to deliver a whole car full of gifts – thank you.

Although, it is harder to arrange this year, we would still love your help in helping those who have the least and to bring them a little bit of extra joy. Please consider buying a toy for a child of any age, wrapping it and perhaps adding a joyful message. Please do not include any of your personal details, but something like ‘Love from Alice (aged 6)’ or Happy Christmas from Zak (aged 7)’ would be fine. Please do not buy toy-weapons as this may be particularly distressing for some of the children who have witnessed traumatic events. New wrapped toys for children be brought to:

· the ‘Toy Service’ on Sunday, 6th December – St Nicholas’ (Santa Claus) Day - at 1030 in Meonstoke Church;
· either Meonstoke, Droxford or Exton Church, where you will find a box for the presents by 13th December;
· the box at ‘Bakerswell’, Meonstoke, (opposite the Buck Head) – you will find the box behind the tall wooden gate from 30th November to 5th December inclusive; or
· School by 15th December.


This year, the school children might like to send a present to the parent or carer too, so if you are taking your gift to school please consider sending a treat for a grown-up. Please mark the present ‘For a grown up at Christmas’. It is not possible to accept gifts of food or alcohol. THANK YOU!
How else can you help and have fun too?

A Community Christmas Tree, celebrating all the things we have that we are grateful for, will soon be seen on Church Green, Meonstoke, decorated with your wooden discs. Your discs are available from the Meonstoke Village Shop for a donation which will also go to the E C Roberts Centre Decorate your discs in any way you like with paint, glitter, poetry, etc and return them to the shop by 4th December. Decorated by us all, the tree will be a spectacle of teamwork and community spirit, and give hope to all who see it and help to some of those who need it most.

Thank you and wishing the whole Meonstoke School Community a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

Fr Tony