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Here are this week's home learning activities:

  • Look through photographs of you and your family members from when you were a baby to the age you are now. How has everyone changed? What are the similarities and differences between you all? What do you remember about being younger? If you could go back to being a baby again, what would you like to do?
  • Use online photographs and maps to look at how your local area has changed over time. How have your shops, parks, schools, fields and roads changed? Are there more houses now? What do you like and dislike about how things have changed? Draw or write about what you would like your local area to look like in the future.
  • Find out about bamboo, the world’s fastest growing plant. The video on BBC Teach is a good resource to watch. YouTube also has time-lapse clips of bamboo growing. Can you find out and draw some of the things that people make from bamboo?
  • How have children’s TV programmes changed over the years? Use a safe web browser to find out some of the most popular shows through history, from the 1930s to the present day. Draw a timeline to show how children’s TV has changed. Why not ask the adults in your house what programmes they enjoyed as children?
  • Find out about how dogs have changed since evolving from wolves. Draw a detailed picture of a pet dog, either your own or one from a book or website. Now draw a detailed picture of a wolf. How are they different? How are they the same? Why do you think that dogs became ‘man’s best friend’?
  • Make a list of five things that you would change if you were prime minister. What improvements would you make in the cities, the countryside and coast? What would you allow or not allow people to do? How would you help people who were in need? Draw or write your ideas and present your ideas to the people in your household.
  • Visit a zoo’s website and explore the live webcams to find out what the animals get up to. Create a fact card or poster about one of the animals. Include information, such as where it lives in the wild, its size, what it eats, how it moves and if it is endangered.

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