Meonstoke CE Infant School

Love and Respect


  • Practise reading a new five new sight words from your pack, stick any known words in the back of your "Home learning" book. Keep practising previous words so they don't get forgotten! If you reach 100 have a go at learning to spell these words now! Let me know how you are doing.
  • Read your set books on Rising Stars for this week.
  • Complete tasks on your Doodle English.
  • Spelling - choose four new words from your high frequency word pack, including the ones stuck in the back of your home learning book, that you don't know how to spell already and over the week practise spelling these words everyday.  Little and often is the key.  Practise looking at each word at a time, cover it up then write the word several times.  Repeat with the other words.   "Look, cover, write, check."  At the end of the week check to see how well you have learnt these spellings!  Can you put these words into a simple sentence?
  • Phonics - this week we will be learning the sound, ure (s-ure) and recapping all of our new Phase 3 blends - ai, ee, igh, oa, oo, ar, or, ur, ow, oi, ear, air  and er.  Give your child a word with each of the different blends in and ask them to spell it e.g How do you spell "rain", "beep", "goat", etc.  See if they are understanding the new blends.
  • Watch the BBCiplayer animated video of The Gruffalo and talk about the story together.  Talk about the specific things describing what the Gruffalo looks like e.g terrible tusks, purple prickles. You are going to make a "Wanted" poster.  What is a "Wanted" poster?  What key features should a "Wanted" poster have in it? Draw a detailed picture of the Gruffalo on the "Wanted" proforma below and write some sentences to go with it.  "He has...." You may like to use the "Gruffalo Word mat" to help with spellings.
  • Sequence the story of the Gruffalo.  Number each picture in order of when it happened in the story then cut them out and stick in the correct sequence on paper. Worksheet below.
  • Handwriting practise this week - practise writing numerals to dictation, e.g "write me a 13, 17, 12...".  Use your whiteboard, pen and rubber.
  • You may like to print out some other fine motor skills sheets from the selection below.