Meonstoke CE Infant School

Love and Respect


  • Maths work - explore either BBC Bitesize daily lessons or Whiterose Daily Maths lessons.
  • This week we are continuing our exploration of doubling, halving and sharing.  Complete the sheets below to support these concepts.
  • Play a draw the Gruffalo game.  You will need a piece of paper each and a dice.  Draw a large Gruffalo head on your paper only.  Take it in turns to roll the dice.  Each dice number means you can draw a different part of the Gruffalo (see picture).  1=horns, 2=orange eyes, 3=ears, 4=mouth with tusk, 5=nose with wart, 6=teeth.  Who can be the first to complete their Gruffalo?

  • Start off with 2 objects.  Can you share e.g pasta, sweets, etc with 2 people fairly?  How many would each person have?  What about 4 objects?  Carry on until you reach 10 objects.  What about if there were three people?  How many would they have each?
  • Complete your daily Doodle maths


Please remember that the links below will take you to external sites - please supervise your child at all times while doing this.

Numberblocks Series on BBC iPlayer.

Links to Numberblocks - all series.

We have really enjoyed watching these at school!