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Meet the Teachers

Meet the staff at our school!
 Mrs. Coumbe  
(Head teacher)
Mrs. Huntley, Mrs Pople
 (Assisitant Head Teachers)       
 Mrs. Pople
       (Year 2 teacher)
                                            Mrs. Titmuss                                         
        (Year 1 teacher)
Mrs Huntley
(Reception teachers)

Mrs Hughes

(Swimming teacher and supply cover)
          Mrs. Bone, Mrs Davis,  Mrs Green, Mrs. Hobbs 
      (Learning Support Assistants)  

              Mrs. Knight     Senior Admin. Officer
               Mrs. Aquilina           Admin. assistant and lunchtime supervisor

           Mrs. Bone   
                (Senior lunchtime supervisor)

                Mrs. Aquilina         Mrs. Davis         Mrs. Hobbs        
                             (lunchtime supervisors)