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Year R - Autumn 1 2021


This half term we are focusing on getting to know each other and our new school.  We are learning about rhyme and our theme is

"Nursery Rhymes".




Ideas for Summer Home Learning

Year R - Summer 1 2021

This half term we are learning about animals and our theme is called 

"Animals are everywhere!"

Home Learning


Thank you for all of your hard work and engagement with home learning. We really enjoy seeing you either face to face on online every day.  Keep up the good work!


Please look out for upcoming ParentMails which will keep you updated with new information.

Please be advised that there may be links to external websites here so please do supervise your child while exploring these.

Phonics for today is using the same format at last week and yesterday.  


*Sing your "Song of sounds"

*Name the letters

*Practice blending the words on your green high frequency word mat

*Read the tricky words on your red tricky word mat - learn he, she, me, we

*Learn the new sound "v" today "val on the violin" - practice writing it saying the letter patter "down a string, up a string and fly straight on"

*Can you think of any words beginning with "v"?  

Maths - Choose one (or more) picture page to cut out and stick in order of size (you can cut around in a circle shape rather than very carefully). Have a go at some of the Maths Challenge cards.

Look at the Winter pictures and say what you want to write about each one with a grown up. Have a go at writing either words or a simple sentence for each one.

Choose one or more of the activities below to complete and share with us:

  • Make a paper plate polar bear or Winter robin using a paper plate and collage materials
  • Make a tube penguin or snowman
  • Go on a Winter walk with your grown up and list/draw/collect as many different Winter things as you can - photograph them and upload these to Tapestry
  • Make a snowflake Winter picture by cutting circles, folding in half and half again and snipping shapes.  Unfold and watch the snowflake reveal!
  • Make a Winter tree printing using your finger

Year R - Autumn 2 Term 2020

This half term we are going to be looking at a variety of festive celebrations, colour and Christmas!



Year R - Autumn 1 Term 2020 

Here you will find information about what we have been doing in our class last term. 

We were exploring the theme...

"Rhymes and Me"  


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