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Home Learning Plan


Thank you for bearing with us under the current circumstances.  We look forward to seeing you either face to face on online over the next coming weeks. 

Please look out for upcoming ParentMails which will keep you updated with new information.

Please be advised that there may be links to external websites here so please do supervise your child while exploring these.

Friday 15/01/2021


Hi there everyone! We all loved seeing you on screen at home, thank you for joining in.
Tomorrow (15/01/2021) is our Music/PE/Outdoor Learning morning and finishing off and having a choosing time in the afternoon.


"Must dos" for tomorrow (15/01/2021)
*Join in with the zoom music session at 9.30am or sing some songs and create your own instrument rhythms to go with them
*Complete a PE exercise session (a bit like yesterday) we are hoping to upload a little of Mr Blake's session if we can! You can also have a look at the ActiveMe360 At Home link I attached before and pick some activities. 
*Have a look at the "Activities" section on Tapestry, I have uploaded a "Weather" activity which will last a whole week. Record the weather for a week and see how it changes. We have also made rain gauges in school which we check regularly.  Can you make your own one for home too? You will need a large plastic bottle to do so.  Have a look at the attached picture below for an idea of how to do this then put it somewhere outside to collect the rain! 




*Don't forget to finish your junk model of either your Troll or Goat (we are decorating these next week)


Have a good weekend everyone and thank you for all of your hard work this week! Next week we will be exploring The Three Little Pigs. 🐷🐷🐷

Thursday 14/01/2021

Just to let you know that I will not be uploading work onto the website for next week.  It will go back to being on Tapestry only.


"Must dos" for Thursday are:
*PE - you may like to go for a long walk or bike ride with your family, have a go at a Comic kids Yoga session or explore ActiveMeAtHome (which has links to PE sessions of your choosing)
*Focus on reading words and captions - a selection are attached (please don't print them all as there is a selection) OR you may like to have a go on Phonics Play Phase 2/3 (Letters and Sounds)  The link is on our school website and below
*Finish off any tasks you have not been able to complete yet this week 
*Make up a puppet show using the stick characters you have made already this week to show your family or even us at school!

You can join in with the zoom sessions tomorrow (14/01/2021) at 9.30am and 11.30am.  We will be reading a different version of the Billy Goats Gruff story and deciding which one is our favourite and why and Phonics - following the same structure as we did on Tuesday.  Our new letter will be "w" - Whales in the water.


I will also upload Maths separately.  The focus for this will be recapping on simple addition and moving on to simple subtraction.


You may also like to have a look back at the other suggested activities (13/01/2021) that you "can do" if desired.


I hope this is all okay and have a good day!  See you soon!

Wednesday 13/01/2021


Well done for all of your hard work today! Some fantastic speech bubbles, bridges and pictures. Thank you for sharing them with us at school, we really love seeing what you have been doing at home.  There are live zoom sessions for Wednesday at 9.30 am and again at 2.45 pm.  I am still uploading bits on here for this week and am hoping that Tapestry will be okay for me to only post bits on next week.


Must dos for today:
*Complete a repeating pattern - you can either print out the Billy Goat repeated pattern sheet OR make up your own pattern using objects from home.  Do you know what comes next in your pattern?  You may like to make several different ones.
*Make a troll and the goats from play-dough (if you have some at home) - have fun squeezing, twisting, pulling and pinching your dough first to exercise your fingers.  If your don't have any dough use clothes pegs and practice squeezing them open and pegging them along something like your curtains or your jumper.  How many can you peg in one minute?
*Write a WANTED poster for the Troll - use the sheet for ideas of what you need on your poster.


Other activities you may also like to have a go at are:
- Make a goat tube character
- Make a paper plate character face
- Make a raft for the Billy Goats to cross the river on.  What materials could you use that would be the best for this?  Test your raft out in water!


I hope you have a good day and enjoy your activities!

Maths for today is all about pattern.  What is a repeated pattern?  Continue a pattern that your grown up has started for you.  What comes next?  Now make up your own patterns using objects you find outside or inside.  Can you make your pattern tricky by using more that two objects?


You may like to watch the Numberblocks "Pattern Palace" episode and find out how the Numberblocks cross the bridge!  Click on the link below - remember this will take you to an external site, please supervise your child while doing this.


Phonics for today is using the same format at last week and yesterday.  


*Sing your "Song of sounds"

*Name the letters

*Practice blending the words on your green high frequency word mat

*Read the tricky words on your red tricky word mat - learn he, she, me, we

*Learn the new sound "v" today "val on the violin" - practice writing it saying the letter patter "down a string, up a string and fly straight on"

*Can you think of any words beginning with "v"?  

Tuesday 12/01/2021

As Tapestry was not working properly yesterday I am uploading the same information I have posted on there, here!


Thank you to those of you who were able to join us today (11/1/2021) for the live zoom sessions.  I hope your child enjoyed them, I know the children in school enjoyed seeing all of you at home.  Well done for completing your Home Learning and also for sharing this with us, we love to see what has been happening at home!  There is a live session at 9.30 am tomorrow (12/1/2021) where we will be exploring speech bubbles.  What are they?  Can we think of one that the troll might say?  Phonics will also be live tomorrow at 11.30 am.


"Must dos" for Tuesday:
*  Create a picture from the story The Three Billy Goats Gruff in any form you would like.  This could be a painting, collage picture, drawing, outside picture using natural materials - you choose!  I would love to see what your creation looks like.
*  Make a bridge for the Billy Goats to cross over from one side to the other using any construction materials you choose.  This could be Duplo, Lego, bricks, wooden blocks, junk materials etc.  You may like to make a goat too to test out your bridge!
*  Write a speech bubble to go with one of the characters from the story - ask your grown up to help you.  Say what you want to write before you write it down and keep it short.
*Don't forget the junk modelling task of making either a troll or a Billy Goat - you have all week to do this.


I hope this is okay and look forward to seeing you soon!



Maths for today you will need your dice, number cards, whiteboard, pen and rubber OR workbook and objects to count e.g beads or pasta.  Roll your dice and see what you land on, find this number from your number cards and write it on your whiteboard or draw the corresponding amount of objects e.g spots.  Collect this number of objects.  Roll again and repeat the above.  Now add the two numbers together.  What is your total?  You will need to count ALL of the objects or can you count on from the biggest number, for example 4      5,6,7.

**** 4      *** 3        altogether makes ******* 7

Continue having lots of goes at this with your dice.  Try putting the biggest number first when recording.

 Monday 11/01/2021

Hello Year R! Hope you have had a restful and fun weekend and are keeping safe. 


Please find your Home Learning for today on Tapestry. We have two zoom sessions today, one at 9.30am and one at 2.45pm and are very much looking forward to seeing you then! 


(If you have any problems logging onto zoom or accessing Tapestry please get in touch with the school office.) 😀


We have just heard that Tapestry is down so here is the work for today!

Thursday 07/01/21 & Friday 08/01/21

Home Learning

Maths - Choose one (or more) picture page to cut out and stick in order of size (you can cut around in a circle shape rather than very carefully). Have a go at some of the Maths Challenge cards.

Look at the Winter pictures and say what you want to write about each one with a grown up. Have a go at writing either words or a simple sentence for each one.

Choose one or more of the activities below to complete and share with us:

  • Make a paper plate polar bear or Winter robin using a paper plate and collage materials
  • Make a tube penguin or snowman
  • Go on a Winter walk with your grown up and list/draw/collect as many different Winter things as you can - photograph them and upload these to Tapestry
  • Make a snowflake Winter picture by cutting circles, folding in half and half again and snipping shapes.  Unfold and watch the snowflake reveal!
  • Make a Winter tree printing using your finger

Home Learning 2 day plan

Tuesday 05/01/2021 & Wednesday 06/01/2021


Year R - Autumn 2 Term 2020

This half term we are going to be looking at a variety of festive celebrations, colour and Christmas!



Year R - Autumn 1 Term 2020 

Here you will find information about what we have been doing in our class last term. 

We were exploring the theme...

"Rhymes and Me"  


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