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This term we are learning about


What is your favourite animal and why?




Well done for all of your hard work at home this half term. I have loved seeing your work, photos and videos. 

Enjoy a great half term full of fun, rest and family time! I will be in touch again after half term. ☀️🌈😃

Activities from last week...

  • Practise reading another five new sight words from your pack for this week, stick any known words in the back of your "Home learning" book. How many do you know now?  Don't forget to keep practising previous words so they don't get forgotten. If you reach 100 have a go at learning to spell these words now! 
  • Spelling - choose three or four new words from your high frequency word pack, including the ones stuck in the back of your home learning book, that you don't know how to spell already and over the week practise spelling these words everyday.  At the end of the week check to see how well you have learnt these spellings!  Can you put these words into a simple sentence?
  • Phonics - watch Florence Bear's new adventure on Tapestry (ready for Monday). What sounds has she learnt now?  Have a look at Phase three phonics on Twinkl and Letters and Sounds for more resources linked to the sounds we are learning this term. (See link below.)  Also continue to explore newphonicsplay and teach my monster to read. 
  • Find out about chameleons, three, four or five facts and write them down in sentences. Don't forget to SAY what you are going to write BEFORE you write it. Use your knowledge of letters and sounds to help you spell words.  Draw, paint or create a picture to go with your writing.  I'd love to see your finished pieces! 
  • Maths work - explore either BBC Bitesize daily lessons or Whiterose Daily Maths lessons.  On Whiterose this week they are exploring worms and in particular the story Superworm by Julia Donaldson.  
  • Also for this week explore a 1 minute timer. See how long this is and feels.  Time yourself doing different challenges for 1 minute eg how many star jumps can you complete in 1 minute, how many arm circles, hops etc can you make a pattern of different moves?
  • To help with your fine motor skills/clever fingers, explore playdough!  If you haven't got any at home already have a go at making some.  Mrs Bone always makes ours to use at school!  Practise squeezing, pulling, twisting and pinching it. Can you make a chameleon?  See the pictures and recipe below. 
  • Have a go at mixing colours together to create different ones.  Start off by only using yellow, red and blue (these are called primary colours).  Mix two of these colours together and see what colour they make (these colours are called secondary colours).  What would happen if you then add white to these colours? Explore and see what you can create!  Use these colours to make your own chameleon picture.
  • Do some daily exercise.  You may like to ride your bike, practise your skipping with a rope, have a go at some Yoga, play throw and catch with someone from your family, play frisbee or have a go at something new. 


Please send work in so we can add it to our Home Learning Gallery! Everyone would love to see your ideas!

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