Meonstoke CE Infant School

Love and Respect


Meonstoke CE Infant School Uniform


Our main item is our school sweatshirt or cardigan, which we encourage all children to wear.

  • Girls and boys wear school sweatshirts, girls may prefer school cardigans, and both have the school logo.
  • Girls and boys usually wear white T-shirts underneath (the kind with a collar and 2 or 3 buttons), or they may wear a traditional long-sleeved buttoned shirt. (If so, please make sure they can manage buttons for themselves for PE changing).
  • Girls and boys wear dark grey, long trousers in winter.
  • Boys can wear shorts all year round if they would like to.
  • Girls wear grey skirts and pinafores, or blue and white checked summer dresses. If your daughter wishes to wear tights in winter please make sure she can manage them for PE changing.
  • School fleeces and reversible coats are available and worn by many children, but are optional.
  • School sun hats are useful too


Y.ou will also need

  • 1 school PE bag - a traditional PE bag works best as it hangs down well below the peg and leaves room for coats etc.
  • 1 school book bag
  • A named lunch box for when your child stays to lunch, if they wish to be packed lunches
  • A small plastic cup for drinks during the day (no lid, dishwasher-safe please), labelled with your child’s name (their initials on the base with permanent marker is fine).


PE kit for Indoor Gym /Dance, and Outdoor Activities/Games


Two of our stated values at Meonstoke are that children have the right to enjoy their childhood fully and to use the very lovely outdoor environment that we have. These items are therefore essential and must be in school everyday:

  • Wellingtons boots (any kind)
  • Warm, waterproof coat
  • Tracksuit top and jogging bottoms (any colour)
  • Spare socks and pants
  • PE T-shirt (blue with white school logo)
  • Navy blue or black shorts
  • Pair of Velcro trainers

We use our outdoor kit for PE and as a spare set of clothing for when children have fallen in puddles or sat on wet grass. We do our best to make sure that the children have an enjoyable outdoor play every day unless the weather is dreadful.


Please do supplement this list with hats, gloves, scarves etc as you feel necessary. A spare pare of pants and socks is also useful!