Meonstoke CE Infant School

Love and Respect

Year 2

Thank you to the boys and girls that have been sending work in for me to see. You are all FABULOUS!
Please be aware that any links on this page will take you to external websites. Please supervise your child if they are using an external website. 

English this week:

Please click on this picture to view the activities for this week.

There are some great questions to discuss as you watch the following film and different activities you can complete during the week like making bridges out of different materials as well as English tasks. It also refers to a book called 'The Squirrels Who Squabbled' by Rachel Bright which you can find on You Tube if you don't have a copy. Can't wait to see what you do! (When you click on this link for the video you will need to scroll down the page to find this.)




 This weeks mathematics:


 This week please check your child can instantly recall (no fingers) all the pairs of numbers that make ten and relate them to subtraction facts i.e. It I know 7+2 = 9, then 9-2 = 7. (If they are still not sure use counters, pasta, toys to help them secure these facts visually first). 


Play these games to check (click on the pictures to find out more information, including questions you can ask):



You could play these games with any numbers but limit numbers to 10 first to secure number bonds to 10 and build confidence playing the games. 

Playing these games on a daily basis will really help!


This week we are also:

  • Comparing and order numbers form zero up to 100 using < , > and = signs
  • Making sure we understand place value
  • Reading and writing numbers to at least 100 in numerals and in words

 Click on the pictures to go to the Snappy Maths website where you can download the sheets.



  When completing the following activity it would be a good opportunity to practice writing numbers in words:

   You can also access more activities and interactive games by clicking on the following link:

See Rising Stars for this week’s books and comprehension tasks and

Purple Mash for this week’s 2Dos. 

Keep using Doodle Maths and English to support your learning.


If you are looking for more ideas in English, Maths and other areas of the curriculum. Try these daily lesson plans...