Meonstoke CE Infant School

Nurture, Grow, Flourish

Year R

The Foundation Stage Curriculum (Year R) is delivered through the following key areas according to the “Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum”


  • Personal, social and emotional development including “Self-confidence and Self-awareness”, “Managing feelings and behaviour” and “Making relationships” (Prime Area)
  • Physical Development including “Moving and Handling” and “Health and Self-care”  (Prime Area)
  • Communication, Language and Literacy including “Listening and Attention”, “Understanding” and “Speaking and Listening” (Prime Area)
  • Literacy including “Reading” and “Writing” (Specific Area)
  • Mathematics including “Number” and “Shape, space and Measure” (Specific area)
  • Knowledge and Understanding of the World including “People and Communities”, The world, and “Technology” (Specific Area)
  • Expressive Arts and design including “Exploring and Using Media and Materials” and “Being Imaginative” (Specific Area)